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Ultrafiltration (UF P&F)

Ultrafiltration P&F Plant (Plate UF Membranes):

In the concentration of fermented products, it is difficult to apply the traditional method, cloth bag filtration, on an industrial scale, due to hygienic reasons, high product loss, low production speed and similar reasons. The separation of whey and protein is very difficult because the milk is fermented with yoghurt culture instead of rennet. This reduces the capacity of the nozzle separator, which is the second production method, by 30%. Also during partial evacuation, product is lost in every process. At this point, it is very easy and efficient to concentrate fermented products without loss with the new generation membrane technology and the Plate Ultrafiltration System. The P&F UF system allows products with high fluidity to be processed without the risk of membrane blocking and membrane replacement due to high pressure variation. 


Plate and Construction system has the following characteristics:

- Ability to process high viscosity products

- Ability to measure high-definition flow quantities

- Ability to measure high temperature resistance

- Possibility of isolation of single membranes

- Modular structure feature



• It is possible to produce all fermented products in the same system, regardless of fat content.

• (Fermented products such as cream cheese, double cream cheese, strained yogurt, Greek yogurt, Skyr, Labneh, Mascarpone, Quark, Mascarpone can be produced)

• Continuous, simpler and more flexible process compared to the separator process

• Less sensitive to pH variations

• Ultrafiltration system can achieve higher total dry matter content

• More homogeneous and spreadable product structure and more creamy surface

• Has higher returns

• Whey proteins remain in the product

• (0.02% Protein, 0.00% Fat in Permeate)

• Easy service… (no moving parts)

• Membranes have an average life of 2 years

• It is easy to increase the capacity of the Ultrafiltration line when required





Fixed capacity standard UF P&F Plants manufactured by this company are as follows:

Double Cream Cheese/ Labneh:1000-3000 Liters/hour

Quark, Strained Yogurt: 1000-30000 Liters/hour

Higher capacities are available upon request and can be custom manufactured.