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Ultrafiltration (UF)

Spiral Wound Membrane System (SW)

When cheese milk is concentrated and homogenized with UF before fermentation, milk components can be prepared with values close to the ready-made cheese (liquid pre-cheese). In other words, whey is removed as permeate prior to coagulation, and composition of the UF concentrate becomes substantially equivalent to the ready-made cheese composition.

Ultrafiltration (UF) is a proven technology that provides large-scale opportunities for modern milk enterprises.

Spiral wound (SW) membrane filtration system is preferred for the following reasons:

-Low plant investment

-Takes less space

-Easy membrane replacement

-Ease of use for low and medium level fluid products

SW membrane has a unique design where the large membrane area can be wound to a compact element.

SW elements have the following properties;

- Variable diameter dimensions (3.8 - 8 inches)

- Variable lengths (38 - 40 inches)

- Variable product ranges (20-130 mil)

- Special design for high pH / high temperature and CIP

- Membranes with a different molecular weight separation limits (1,000 - 100,000 Da)

Membrane elements are fixed inside a structure made of stainless steel in order to create a module and to create certain number of modules installed in a plant.

It can be used modularly according to the application type of each plant. In addition, plant design provides access to the maintenance of all required parts, while it offers less investment cost for module addition for capacity increase.

UF units with SW membrane elements can be provided with a process automation type ranging from a simple and manual process automation to a fully automated system integrated with the whole factory control system.




- Produces more products (whey proteins remain in cheese.)

- Uninterrupted process speed

- Closed System (Bacteriological Control)

- Easy control of parameters and components

- Possibility to develop recipes for new types of cheese

- High nutritional value of the product (whey proteins)

- Minimizes yeast consumption


- Whey protein content in cheese (the cheese does not stretch)

- Slow ripening

- Low solubility

- Soft consistency in general

- Difficult to check visually


- Cheeses such as feta vb. (Brine White cheese)

- Fresh cream cheese

- Pasta Filata type cheese (such as Mozzarella)

- Edible Quark’ı

- Melted cheese raw material

- Soft cheese (such as Camembert, Romadur)

- Sliceable cheese (Butterkaese)

- Cottage cheese

- Standardization of cheese milk protein