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Fat Standardization Systems

When milk products are standardized, first of all, fat and milk are separated from the cream separator. The product is reassembled according to the content of the final product in the process. However, not all of the initial fat content is added again; it is only added to the level required to classify milk as skim (non-fat), semi-skimmed or whole (or for the amount of fat required in different cream products).

Likewise, it is also used to obtain the required fat content accurately when milk is used as a component yoghurt, cheese and similar products. The measurement accuracy of the "TSS" Fat Standardization System is just one of its advantages compared to its rivals. We use equipment equipped with the highest quality brands to measure milk content accurately. In addition, we use software that provides accurate results to calculate and control the process in order to help you obtain accurate results.

Controlled production monitoring in the determination of the fat rate of milk allows you to intervene quickly in case of unwanted deviations. In this way, you will achieve a standard in the products leaving the production area. This means that you save on valuable components such as cream, and therefore reduce the cost of your standardization operations.


-Reliable final product and accuracy

-Minimizes cream loss with high accuracy and reduces costs

-Various capacities suitable for separator capacity

-Product quality and cost

5.000 to 75.000 l/hr

Milk, cheese milk and other dairy products used in milk and cream, flavored milk, fermented products and milk powder production