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Pasteurization Systems

Pasteurization systems are used in order to kill or eliminate microorganisms which are harmful in terms of food technology and mostly milk and dairy technologies, to enable starter cultures to develop more easily and safely in the environment, to direct cheese production in required direction and to prevent defective cheese production considerably.

TSS Pasteurization systems aim to provide you with the most quality and safe hygienic product groups in this stage. We always provide you with the most efficient solutions with our expert staff in the field of high efficiency pasteurization design and our technical personnel with years of experience from the heart of the business in the field.

Our pasteurization systems have the most accurate and effective design in terms of engineering, hygiene and process control. Main principle of TSS company is to provide you with the most effective solution by providing consultancy based on the application field. You can see the accuracy of our production process in our final products starting from the design stage.

We strive to provide fast service in a way that does not hinder the production of our valuable customers.





Control Panel

Board made of AISI 304 Stainless steel and ensuring control of PLC - PID is mounted on the pasteurization system. The pasteurization system allows us to control the pasteurizer via this control panel to achieve the required pasteurization temperature according to the temperature design.

Pasteurizer Exchanger

It is used to ensure heat transfer of the fluid product with heat values designed in the pasteurization system without interfering with each other by means of plates and seals.

Balance Tank

It is one of the most important equipment before, during and after pasteurization process and during cleaning (CIP). It takes the product into the system, feeds it to the system with a controlled dosage and is used as a circulation system during pre-cleaning and post-cleaning.

Stainless Equipment

All pipes, fittings and stainless steel materials used in the system are AISI 304 and 316 quality stainless steel. It may vary depending on the area of use.


Waiting times during pasteurization vary according to the product. Pasteurizer standard holder duration is 16 seconds at 72oC. In fermented products, closed spiral holder is used for 3 or 5 minutes range. For this reason, we produce holders with 300 seconds duration  to perform standard and fermented product pasteurization. This system is produced optionally, and is offered according to the product to be produced.

All materials in TSS production system are made of AISI 304-316 standard stainless steel. The materials we use are mostly of European and domestic origin, and our quality control system does not allow the use of goods of Far East origin in the production stage. The materials used are subjected to a strict control scan during the procurement stage.

Depending on the application area, you can consult the TSS sales department for optimum solutions.