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Pot cheese and cheese derivatives similar to this type of cheese are made from completely concentrated milk, and Ultrafiltration method is used in this production system. Culture, acid, yeast, salt and additives are added to the concentrate, and the packaging process is started.

Fresh cheese derivatives based on fermented milk or cream such as quark, mild cream cheese, cream cheese, strained yoghurt products can be produced with UF system. After fermentation, the product is concentrated at the desired level, the final process is conducted and then the packaging process is started.

- UF always provides higher efficiency and quality in product appearance.

- The most important feature is that it allows production of multiple products in one UF system.


It has always been difficult to use brine in the dairy industry. Its high salt contents and form of use that is suitable for contamination are among the major factors affecting the end product. Today, we use brine by separating it from bacteria through plate heat exchangers, however, this use cannot prevent other risks.

In the use for cheese, bacteria, spores, small microorganisms, pathogenic bacteria, small visible and invisible particles in the brine content increase the risk of contamination in the event of contact with the product.

In addition to these applications, we offer you Microfiltration system, a new technology which will minimize the brine problem and increase your profitability.


This technology allows us to obtain hygienic and pure brine by filtering out unwanted bacteria, dead cells, and all substances that cause physical contamination in the brine. While conducting all these operations, it does not damage the composition of brine contents and increases its quality. This system is a system that can be easily integrated to the existing brine system. It provides positive impact to the products produced and your company.

The use of polymeric MF membrane technologies in terms of brine hygiene increases its importance today, and it will become more important in the near future. This system ensures highest level of bacteriological quality without altering the structure of the brine.

As a result, TSS Brine Microfiltration System;

- Obtains high quality cheese.

- Directly affects the external appearance of cheese.

- Increases the taste of cheese to maximum level.

- Prevents damage caused by low quality.

- Separates 99% of bacteria and 99,5% of small particles from the brine.


- Minimal water and salt loss

- Clean and shiny brine

- No calcium phosphate solution

- No protein denaturation

- No unwanted enzymatic activity

- 99% of bacteria and 99.5% of yeast and particles are separated

- Maximum removal of small particles


- No problems in terms of heat exchanger plate and corrosion

- Long term system

- No pH change

- No additives

- CIP can be performed

- Easy operation and flexible process method

- Low investment cost