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UF Feta Cheese

Today, the concept of cheese production from concentrated milk made by ultrafiltration is applied in many parts of the world for the production of various types of soft cheese. One of them is UF Cheese, a type of soft white cheese that is becoming more and more popular day by day in our country and in the Middle East.

There are several names for this type of cheese in the world. Names such as “Danish Feta Cheese, Danish White, German White, Cottage Cheese, UF Cheese” were given. Although this cheese, which was brought to the market from abroad years ago, was not popular in the past, it has taken its deserved place in the market as domestic production with the development of our dairy products factories. Cottage cheese, which has a more oily and smoother texture compared to the original Greek feta, stands out with its slicing ability.

Our company, which is the pioneer of all innovations that will increase the consumption of hygienic and healthy food products within the framework of its mission with its membrane filtration experience, technological infrastructure, expert technical and administrative staff and valuable managers for more than 20 years, brings this technology together with you, our valued customers.

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